Our intelligence is what makes us human, and AI is an Extension of that quality.

~Yann LeCun

We are a community-driven blogging website where people can post and share knowledge about AI. We welcome all the aspiring researchers who want to build a community while connecting with fellow researchers of their interest. Our website can be used by people to write blogs and articles to increase their reach, share knowledge, discuss ideas in forums, collaborate with others on projects on Kaggle, and establish themselves in the AI community. This website touches distinct sectors of AI such as Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, and others.



The AI Sorcery is founded by two highly ambitious Computer Science undergraduates Abhishek and Yash. Abhishek is a Deep Learning and NLP researcher while Yash specializes in Computer Vision and AutoML. They both have published 12 research papers in highly reputed International Journals with impact factor of 4.68. Their main goal is to build the strongest AI community and connect with AI enthusiasts to discuss new research and participate in projects on Kaggle. 


" Join this amazing journey of uncovering things through Artificial Intelligence and together let us build the strongest AI community! "

~ Abhishek and Yash

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